Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week 7 - The Reason for the Effort

This lady to our right is essentially the reason why I have to get in shape now. I have no idea how old she is, but I'm related to her by marriage. That means our kids not only have my crazy genetics, but they have THIS too?

I refuse to saddle my kids with this.

I've lost one more pound. That puts me at 21 down so far. I did really well for 6 of the 7 days, but then last night we went out with my husband's family to Chuck-a-Rama and I was confronted with this. Since you probably can't see clearly (I was trying to be subtle), this woman's belly hangs to her knees. This is NOT an exaggeration. I wish oh so much that I was exaggerating.

I wish I had supermodel genes to pass on to my kids, but I don't. I have giant breasts and belly curtains that weigh as much as the rest of the person carrying it. I have thighs that go on forever and grotesque flapping underarm fat. That just sucks.

And because I care for the future of my children, I will stop eating butter. I will eat more veggies. I will roast my chicken in nothing but spices. I will refrain from pint sized ice cream binges. The chip bags will remain uneaten for weeks at a time. I will count my freaking calories. And I will push my body to pain and back.*

I choose HEALTH, damn it!

*currently already in pain. I have a serious kink in my neck and biking 7+ miles this morning made it worse. And I've been compensating for it all day so it's radiating down my back and across my shoulders.


  1. You can totally overcome these minor setbacks. Way to go, Heather. You're a great mom!

  2. You are amazing and you can totally do this.

  3. We ate at Golder Corral on Tuesday. Buffets are evil for people trying to eat healthy. But when Family does it you don't want to be a party pooper huh? Best of luck! Your example will be the most important thing you can give your kids for teaching them healthy habits.

  4. Yeah, I realized that I was the 5th person in my family to have gastric bypass surgery (on BOTH sides of the family) and kind of freaked out over my children's future. I don't want my daughter to number 6.

    It's scary what we pass on, and not just through genetics.

  5. I agree with everyone else--you can overcome, you can recommit, you can conquer this trial! We're all rooting for you!

  6. Wow, I just found your blog, good job. You've got some guts. I am also working on saying goodbye to my fatty, but I like to pretend that no one else knows that I have any fat and not talk about it. Good for you. I got a double jogging stroller when my second was about 9 months and it's changed my life, I love it. I hate working out inside and love being able to go out with my kids on a fun outing at a park or around the neighborhood which is actually excercise.

  7. You rock! After 12 days on the no soda train, my mind is trying to tell me "just one is ok", but I know that if I have one, I'll want more. Do I sound like an addict? I applaude you! You have a much tougher job than me and I can see you are committed! Just keep thinking about the promised blessings of what you are choosing!

  8. Woohoo! Go Heather, uh huh! Go Heather, uh huh! Woooooooo!