Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Frustration / Fresh!

This week I'm supposed to be very careful about what I eat. Like exact in my portions and times and such.

Unfortunately, I'm finding that it's tough to keep it up sometimes. The 4th was a real tough one. I've been great since, of course. I've done my weights and done cardio 3 times already (one more today and I'll get it all in).

I don't feel satisfied though. Dan cut out my Sun Chips, so I keep looking at that unopened bag of peppercorn ranch Sun Chips longingly. I did get some great veggies though and that has helped. I'm a sucker for asparagus. And tomatoes. Drool!!!!! I cut up a big juicy tomato yesterday and Felix ate the whole thing. I need to get back to the store and get more. I'm glad he's such a big fan like I am. Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, artichokes...

I think next year I'm going to tear up a large chunk of my parents' yard and do a veggie garden. Maybe I could do artichokes around the edges. I don't know if you've ever seen them growing, but they're funky.

In Italy I met a family who had an artichoke farm. I got to spend a day pickling artichokes and mushrooms and we ate a large number of them too. I can't even begin to describe just how amazingly yummy these things are. We're talking tender, juicy, tangy, fresh, so yummy your mouth will yearn for them for years to come. Drool again!

That kind of food makes me not miss things like hamburgers and french fries. My sis is growing potatoes in her garden. She also has a large strawberry patch (can anything beat fresh strawberries?!) and a bunch of other good stuff.

Oh, I did find out that there is a kind of kiwi that grows in Utah. It's a vine and it's hardy to -25 degrees. According to one website: "Hardy Kiwis are much smaller, about the size of a large grape. The fruit’s skin is smooth like a grape and does not require peeling before eating. Kiwi culture is also similar to that of grapes. The plants grow as a vine and require strong support and annual pruning for the best production and quality."


  1. it's great that you want a garden!! but remember, it takes time to grow the stuff, so be prepared to spend some money on yummy fruits and veggies till then. it's totally worth it! nothing better in life that good healthy food!

  2. I think if I had to garden during the day I wouldn't even try, but one of the best things about Utah is that it cools down in the evenings. Like blissful temperatures.

    I want to do asparagus too, but I know you can't harvest for at least 3 years. Same with fruit trees, and these hardy kiwis will take a couple years to bear too. Apparently they're super aggressive so you really have to make sure they don't take over. Anyone have an ugly chain link they want to cover completely and give the kids a snack at the same time?

    I'm in love with Sunflower Market. Awesome fresh produce. So I think I'll be okay till my stuff can be eaten. I hope. :)

  3. I've heard it's a chain, but Sunflower Market opened in Orem just a year or two ago south of University Mall just behind Sconecutter. They're like a Whole Foods or something but they have tons of awesome deals on produce. Their leaders (the couple of extra low prices to get people in the store) are true deals, but everything is great prices. Very high quality, for what I've seen, too. I know Sarah had one in Arizona. You'll have to see if they're in Georgia too.