Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week 5 - what do you know? I'm still losing

So, even though I followed the plan by only maybe 60% this week, I still lost another 2 pounds. That means I'm down by 19 pounds of fat total so far. It feels good, but even though people tell me I'm looking good I can't see any difference. My clothes don't really fit me any better, I don't see it in my face.

Dan says I can't skip meals anymore. If I need to, then I should set an alarm. Skipping meals puts the body into starvation mode apparently.

I rubbed some cajun seasoning on some chicken breast tenders and then surrounded them by fresh asparagus for dinner the other night. Turned out perfectly. I think I need more spices because I'm getting bored of chicken. And goodness knows there's no good fish in Utah.

My goal is to hit this thing by at least 80% this week. That means I have to get out and exercise more, and I have to follow the eating plan. I can do this. I think.


  1. Good job!!

    Just a warning (from experience). Make sure you're taking in plenty of water. There was a week that I lost 6 pounds, but it turned out that I'd just gotten dehydrated. Once I got my fluid intake back up, 5 of the 6 pounds came back in 2 days. It really sucked. A lot. :)

    If you're getting plenty of water (baseline of 64 oz, then add one ounce per minute of exercise), then it's less likely to be water weight that you lose.

    You're doing so well! I'd love to see before and after pictures. You should take some even if you don't post them. I didn't see any difference in myself for a long time, but now when I go back and look at the pictures I can see it.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about water. I do get lots. Probably not enough, but I'm pretty consistent about it. Dan said I'll probably lose a couple more pounds this week without doing anything because I just finished my period. Who knows. If I lose a couple of period pounds and a couple more because I'm more faithful to the plan, then I think next week should be a really good one. And as soon as I hit 20 I'll be doing the full measurements again.

    I did take pics the first week. I think I'll just do full pics once a month. I was going to do the belly thing, but after the initial loss it looked as big as before and even bigger so I stopped. And I lost my camera so it's a good excuse. :)

    I want to do that same kind of progression picture that you did on your blog. It works really well to really show how far you've come!

  3. Wow, you're doing great! It must be encouraging to see yourself still losing, even though you don't feel like you're fully dedicated to the program. You can definitely do 80% next week! Good luck and keep posting your progress!

  4. Good job! You can do this Heather

  5. Dude, you are my hero! - Krispy

  6. Sorry you're getting bored! anything you can do to spice it up? How about an indian curry? w/lowfat coconut milk? I have no clue if this fits into your plan, but it's one of my favorite foods of all time! You're still losing, so that means you really are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

  7. Uh..there IS good fish in Utah! Serious! I'm in Oregon for the next week but after the 13th call me and I'll show you where they keep the good fish. You can get it from the Schwan guy if you want to pay more for it or from Macey's..yes Macey's! (It's not "cheap"..but then you don't eat a ton of it either.)