Monday, July 13, 2009

unconventional dinner

I had a creamsicle, two tomatoes, and a couple slices of fancy deli turkey for dinner. I'm so bored.


  1. I came to your blog from Mamasource. Hang in there!! Can you cook this stuff? Because I'm thinking dice the tomato, cut the turkey into strips and heat it all together in a pan. Who knows, it might taste good, and at least it would be different, right?

    What you're doing is soooooo hard, I'm sure. I need to lose about 60 lbs. to be at my ideal height/weight ratio and I have not had the courage to seriously get started. I know proper diet and exercise is the only way to go, but I whine to myself that it'll be hard.

    You are inspirational! You are strong! You can do this! Show that food who's boss!

  2. Get crazy with spices and low cal sauces. I keep a couple of boneless, skinless chicken breasts cooked in the fridge all the time. Then, I experiment with different chicken salads.

    I made one last night and I added some sliced green onion and some no sugar added mandarin oranges (Del Monte--40 calories per serving), some shredded cabbage and some Annie's Naturals Mango Cilantro marinade (20 calories per tablespoon). It was really good. It was only 200 calories for a whole bowl, plus 30 g protein.

    Another favorite is to mix the chicken with light Miracle Whip (30 cal in 2 tbs), LOTS of curry powder and a little bit of fresh pineapple.

    Or, Light Miracle Whip, poultry seasoning and a few Craisins.

    If you get bored with chicken, I also like to use tuna (solid white albacore in water). I drain it and mix it with a little light soy sauce, some fresh minced ginger, minced garlic, a little rice vinegar and a packet of Stevia (TruVia or Purvia. Or you could use just splenda). Then I serve it with a tablespoon or so of chopped mango.

    A couple of "snack" type foods I've found that are yummy and don't feel like a snack: Hormel Turkey pepperoni--70 cals in 17 slices, Laughing Cow Light cheese (especially the garlic and herb)--35 calories per wedge and Lays Fat Free chips (Not baked--these are fried and taste just like real Lays, but they're made with Olean, and are fat free)--70 cals in 20 chips.

    Also, Lenders 100 calorie bagels are a godsend (I find them at Wal-Mart in the refrigerated section).

    Oh, and if you're a peanut butter lover, PB2 peanut butter powder is great. Low cal, low fat. You just mix it with water to the consistency you like.


  3. Thanks for the awesome suggestions Brandi! And congrats on you own momentous weight loss! :)