Sunday, July 12, 2009

How does one diet at a party?

When I was a kid I remember one "fast" Sunday in particular (once a month you donate the money you would have spent on food to the poor - you "fast" and get all sorts of spiritual benefits). I was probably 4 or 5 and some big person asked me if I had fasted. I said, "yes! I only ate one banana!" There was lots of laughter and I was embarrassed that I hadn't been 100% faithful to the idea of fasting.

Yesterday I went to two parties. I was good! I only ate 3 creampuffs!

I think the only way to make sure there's something at the party that you can eat is to take something that you can eat. Otherwise there's no guarantee.

No guarantee, but most people serve both proteins and carbs, and there's plenty of water next to that soda.

I took a fruit salad. Fresh cherries (picked yesterday morning even) and strawberries and pineapple in a fat-free, low-sugar cream sauce. Yum. I still ate too much, but it wasn't a bad day.


  1. Yup--that's pretty much the only way--bring something you can eat.

    I'm really open about telling people what I can and can't eat, and my friends are very understanding. If we're going to eat dinner at someone's house, I usually bring my own little dinner with me. I always explain why to the hostess beforehand and they always understand. If I'm going to a party, I eat before we go (and bring something I know I can eat just in case).

    A common thread among overweight people is worrying about others before we worry about ourselves, and I've had to let that go. Six months ago I'd have been so worried about hurting someone's feelings by refusing their food that I would have eaten what I shouldn't have, even if it made me sick. I've learned that sometimes I have to put myself first. I tell people no if what they're asking of me interferes with my exercise routine, and I tell people no to food all the time.

    Sorry, didn't mean to ramble so much. :)


  2. You can also make sure to eat some healthy things before. It's not perfect (I know I can eat my way past full!) but it can help. Also, drinking water before or there :)