Friday, July 3, 2009


Some have asked what kinds of foods I eat on this eating plan. It hasn't changed much from that first post - not significantly, at least. But here's a pic of what will eventually be today's snacks: Sugar snap peas, best flavor of crackers out there, fudge ice cream bar, the cheapest (and best) string cheese... And I didn't include the Honey Kix (super low cal and very yummy), the yogurt (Fiber One or Activia Light), the fancy fish fillets or chicken breasts (I have a great and simple way to prepare them that keeps moisture and flavor - ask if you're interested), or the really yummy new flavor of Crystal Light Immunity - Cherry Pomegranate.

Truth is that I eat really well. I just occasionally get tempted by the chocolate and the soda and the Chik-fil-A. 6 months. Then, my metabolism will be trained and I can have that occasional treat and it won't matter. Thank goodness there are good-tasting health foods now though or I don't think I'd make it.


  1. I found your blog from Mamasource--thank you for doing this! I'm in kind of the same position that you are: I live in Utah, am over 300 pounds, I've been fat most of my life, and I'm just sick and tired of being this big. I lost weight on my mission, too (served in Brazil), but gained it all back and then some after I got married and had my son. Now, I'm scared to get pregnant again because of all the complications that could arise from being so heavy, but I don't want to have to put off having another kid for two or three years until I get around to losing weight. Your blog is motivation for me!

    I'm interested in that fish fillet/chicken recipe you've got. And I'll definitely be following this blog now. Keep it up, please!

  2. Carina - nice to have you! My recipe is born out of true laziness. I got this crusting rub that's really yummy that's a lemon something, and I like sprinkling that on liberally and then adding some lemon pepper on top. Or I've also done garlic and cracked pepper (rub it in). Seriously, I'm lazy. :)

    And having a healthy pregnancy was one of the biggest reasons why I started to lose weight, so I totally get you. Glad I can be some motivation. :)