Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Bike Rides

You know what's great about exercising in the summer? You can do just about anything you want till really late at night (relatively).

You know what sucks about exercising in the summer? Sweating. Blech!

I'm sure there are some of you who might suggest I do some swimming. I have lusted after a good swimming pool of my own for a long time. Why my own? Because I don't like all the hassle of packing everything up to go to the gym, only to share dressing rooms with much better-looking naked people and athlete's foot. But that's only half the problem. See, I'm, well, buoyant. I don't have to work to keep afloat, so it's not much exercise. I do love biking though. You can bike in the summer and the breeze will keep you cool. In the late evening before it gets dark it's both safe and pleasant. Then you stop and there's no breeze good enough. No AC works fast enough.

Thank goodness for cool showers and clean cotton sheets.... mmmmm


  1. keep it up. just do something everyday!!

  2. We've been doing 12-15 mile family bike rides every Saturday morning. It's been nice to have the whole family in on the exercise. It doesn't feel like exercise when you've got your sweetheart on the bike next to you.

    Also, swimming is still great exercise, even if you're buoyant and it doesn't feel like you've done much. Swimming laps, even at a slow pace (I can only swim about 1 mile per hour) burns more calories than an equal amount of time on an elliptical machine or stationary bike. I'm holding out for a waterproof MP3 player for my birthday next month, because that's the biggest downside to my swim days--no music.

    But like Sylwia just said--any exercise is good exercise. :)


  3. I love biking!! Once of my most favorite things to do. I think that's why I got sent to Japan! :) Keep up the good work!