Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week 10 - Still going strong

Oh how I want this journey to be over.

This morning at my weigh-in, I had lost another 4 pounds. It seems so insignificant when you think about the overall goal of 100 (or 150 if we're talking eventual total goals). But when you take into consideration that my loss has been pretty steady, that's a very happy thing. It means I have lost about 31 pounds on the scale and almost 40 pounds of fat. Woo hoo!

To keep the loss going, we're dropping calories again this week. Dan says I might feel a little bit hungry, but I'm not too worried. We're still in veggie season so I can fill up on those. I think I eat at least one tomato a day (if not two or three), as well as a bunch of asparagus or broccoli or something. I do feel much healthier, despite some ongoing terrible back and neck pain. When I told Dan about the pain, he said not to do as much physically, but this is because of sleep, not exercise. I need someone who can trade massages for babysitting or something like that. Like on a regular basis. Maybe I'll ask at church...

Felix and I biked to the appointment this morning. If I go on State Street, it's exactly 3 miles from my house to his office. If I go on 8th East on the way back, that's 3.5 miles. I love having a cyclometer.

So this week, dropping calories, I'm cutting the yogurt and cottage cheese afternoon snack in favor of crackers and tuna. Dan says that will trick my body into thinking it's getting lots of calories when really it's super clean. Whatever that means. Maybe it's the lack of fat.

I've found that although at the beginning of this program I hated the idea of cutting out fat (I love butter!), it's getting easier as I go along. What once was really difficult to even contemplate has become super easy. I don't even have to think about it really. I think my tastes are changing because 1) it's gradual, and 2) results! I find myself a lot more willing to make concessions and be strict knowing that I'm making real and visible progress. I found my lost camera and on it is a picture of right before I started. I think it's a pretty good picture of me, but although my pictures this morning have me flushed (just in from my up-hill 3.5 mile bike ride with a 30-pound toddler on that back of my bike) and wearing grungies, I like the new ones better. What do you think?


  1. You're doing great!

    And your tastes will continue to change and it will continue to get easier to make healthy choices.

    Since it was my birthday yesterday I gave myself permission to eat ANYTHING I wanted. You know what I indulged with? I had banana AND apple with my yogurt. And I had a slice of bacon on my sandwich at dinner. Oooooh, wild and crazy! I thought I'd maybe eat some chips or some sweets, but they just didn't appeal to me anymore. Your mom and Sylwia and some of our friends showed up with brownies and I really just didn't want one. It's fun to feel that way.

  2. I'm so proud of you!!! This is Frog Kissing Princess from linkup btw...

  3. Yikes! Your face is thinner and it really shows. It's difficult to tell on the rest because you're standing at a different angle and different clothes, with different lighting. But I do see progress, Heather.

    And I'm still envious. But... maybe soon. :)

  4. Yeah you! Heather, you are awesome. And thanks for leaving me a message as you went by. Feel free to stop in any time. I'm always happy to see you. You are doing a great job and you are a wonderful example.

  5. Uh... duh...!! No brainer!! You definitely look thinner in the newer pictures :) You rock! I am going to tell my hubby about the "how to" of your diet. He has managed to gain 40 pounds in the last 8 years, since we've been married, and I think his job is the biggest culprit. Sometimes he eats at 5 am and then won't eat again till 6 pm. And of course he feels stressed and hungry when he gets home at 10 pm and has to have a root beer float! Maybe your diet ideas will help out. We commited to not buying any more soda or candy to keep in the house a few weeks ago, so I am so happy about that! Now it's on to more vegetables!! Anyway, keep up the GREAT work!! :)