Monday, August 10, 2009

Sometimes it works

My sister is visiting from California and today we biked to Costco. That's one way to keep the spending to a minimum - no place to haul it!

The two little ones (mine and hers) got pretty cranky to be tied down for the ride even though it was pleasant out. My toddler loves being on the back of my bike. Thankfully, my bike is super comfortable for me to ride too. I'm sure my sis got the short end of the stick having to ride my husband's heavy mountain bike. On the way home the babes fell asleep. Too cute. I like this exercising thing when it's not just for the sake of exercise. When it's a walk or a bike ride or whatever just to get in the exercise I get really bored. Going to a store or a park or for some other errand makes it a lot easier to do it.

This particular bike ride was pretty fun. Nice to have adult conversation even if we were yelling back and forth. Now that my husband's bike is fixed, though, I'll have to get him out on it with me. Good family activity, wouldn't you say?

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