Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It used to be that I looked forward to the weekends because I was so happy to be free from work. Then I started staying home with the kids and the weekends just blended into the other days. I didn't really look forward to them anymore, although I didn't mind them any.

Since this program has started, however, I have started dreading the weekends. I've figured out that I do poorly on weekends. I have a hard time following the program with lots of people and lots of food in my near vicinity. I think I would probably lose weight a lot faster if I weren't cheating consistently every weekend. Dang.

I'm not sure what the best solution would be. I'm pretty sure that once my metabolism is "fixed" it won't be a problem to eat less than perfect every once in a while. For now, however, it is an issue. But it's an issue because I desperately need results to stay motivated. It's an issue because my body isn't prepared to fight the bad stuff effectively yet.

Gah! Help me people! If I turn down your food, please support me. I'm way too weak to turn down the yummy stuff without help.


  1. O.K., I thought of this after your last post and was going to come back and comment again but forgot. It applies to this one as well.

    It has to do with the food addiction and the idea that once your metabolism is fixed you can safely cheat a little every now and again.

    I know I commented previously that that's not really realistic. I still feel that way.

    As you said yourself, you're a food addict and that has nothing to do with your metabolism. Saying that once your metabolism is fixed you'll be able to eat less than perfectly sometimes really worries me.

    It's the same as an alcoholic saying, "Boy, I can't wait to finish rehab and kick this habit so I can have a beer once in awhile."

    The addiction will always be there. It will not be any easier later to stop eating after one bite than it is now.

    Does that make any sense? I know it's not what you want to hear. I'm just trying to be realistic. Your metabolism is only a small part of the problem. This plan you're on will help you lose the weight, but you will need to follow it (or something similar) forever to keep it off.

  2. Activity, girlfriend. You need to plan ahead and get yourself out of the house. PLAN THINGS.

    I speak from experience. I am realizing that my diet is in ruins because I eat late at night. Well guess what? Last night, I went to bed at 10pm and guess what? I didn't eat late.

    Oh sure, I ate a little bit, but not the usual total breakdown that I have at nights.

    "If thy right hand offend thee, slap it until it doesn't reach for the donut anymore!" HEEHEE! Get yourself out of the house and when you are at home, fill the fridge with carrot sticks, pickles, and other snacks that Dan and you can agree on.

    You are doing so great! And you are motivating all of us along the way. :) THANK YOU!!!

  3. I hear ya! I came across your blog looking for weight loss tips and am now following your progress as I am trying to make some more progress myself. I've lost about 80 pounds. I can't get the last 20-25 off to save my soul. Weekends are my downfall. Please keep us posted if you figure out a trick- I sure haven't found anything yet!

  4. Brandi - I totally understand, and I do agree. I will always be addicted, and thus I will always have to be vigilant. Truth is that when I cheat I'm really not that bad. It feels horrible to me because I know how important it is. I can feel the difference in how my body reacts. I'm not talking about just one cookie. One cookie makes me feel guilty, but not sick to my stomach. You know?

    Marti - that might just be the key. I'll try that out this next weekend and let everyone know how it goes.

    Anonymous - thanks for the words. Keep checking in (and let us know of your own progress - congrats on the so-far!). :)

  5. From now on I am mixing in poop with all the food I bring to "girls night". You are forewarned.