Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Checking in

Well, I've now done one day of weights. But I did help an aunt carry stuff up and down in her house for a couple hours today. I should have gone on a bike ride too, but I was actually tired from moving stuff.

I have to say, it's more interesting to do stuff like moving furniture than lift weights. I'm kind of torn on my beloved bike rides, now that it's FREAKING COLD lately. Apparently my fat has been a pretty good insulation for me. I get cold way easier lately. Any suggestions?


  1. You can do a lot of weight training without actually using weights. It's the resistance that builds muscle. There are lots of moves you can that use your own weight--crunches and lunges and leg lifts...all that sort of thing. It might be worth the cost of a single session with a personal trainer. Have him/her come to your house and teach you what muscle building moves you can do without any equipment at all.
    Another good investment is an exercise ball (one of those big ones you sit on). I LOVE them, and I'm starting to get the abs to prove it. Upping your protein helps with building muscle as well. Carbs and protein have the same number of calories per gram, so if you cut 10 g carbs somewhere in your diet and replaced them with 10 g protein, you'd see faster results in the muscle department. Just don't get discouraged if your weight doesn't drop (or goes up) as you build muscle. That's when you need to rely on your measurements to track progress. I've only lost about 7 pounds in the past 3 months, but I've dropped from a size 14 to a 6.

    As for being cold, it will only get worse. I'm freezing all the time. It's still in the 80's and 90's here and I'm always wearing sweaters outside.

    Wow, apparently I'm chatty today. Sorry!

  2. Socks. I wear socks when I'm cold. And long sleeves. Don't worry, in a few years you'll be hot all over again. ;-)