Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 14 - A setback

I've resisted posting this week because I gained a pound this week. Dang it!

I just wrote a long and boring post about my week. Eating out (I tried to be good, honest!), flat tires, and today's super long bike ride - 16 miles in all.

Apparently I can't be interesting when I'm exhausted. Really though, I want to announce my intention to get my weights in. That's been the most difficult part, and I hear from people that it's the most important.

Oh, and I'm going to coach some friends on a similar program to mine. I'll call it a trial run - to see if I've learned enough to give real help to those in need. I'd venture to say I need to be following my own advice though.

I'll report on Tuesday. Hopefully I will have started with the Llama family (just a nickname, don't worry), and will have done at least 2 days of weights.

Thanks, everyone, for allowing me to be accountable to you. It means a lot to me.


  1. Setbacks suck. I'm sorry. I gain 5 pounds every month. Just remember it's probably just cyclical water weight and not necessarily fat that you gained.

    Hormones are stored in fat, and as you lose fat, those hormones flood your body and do crazy things, so it's entirely possible to get hormonal water weight even when it's not "that time."

    And weights really are the MOST important. They're my least favorite, so I feel you, but if changing your metabolism is your goal you need to start building muscle.