Friday, April 1, 2011

results of short-term goals

So, it's Friday. Yeah, I'm late, but I still have nothing to report. Apparently my body/mind wanted to rebel just a little bit more.

So after 3 days of migraine and intense crankiness (admittedly my own, although my kids haven't exactly been happy and cooperative lately either), my toddlers are finally playing in their room and my baby is actually sleeping. Who knows how long it will last though. Driving me nuts lately. I just don't know what he wants, so I feel completely helpless most of the time.

And completely energy-less. Stupid sleep-deprivation carb craving!

My exercise bike is still behind a bunch of crap in my office. Sigh.

I do have a plan. I'm going to go through everything and get rid of half. I have way too much stuff. Paring down will help me be able to fit everything in, hopefully. I'm thinking I ought to have a huge yard sale and then donate everything left to family/thrift stores. Hopefully that will make it easier to get to the exercise equipment (the bike and trailer in the carport is nearly impossible to access and since it's finally getting warm outside I need to be able to get it out). And it won't make me feel quite so claustrophobic.

Anyone want to do a yard sale with me in a month?


  1. I might be willing to do a yard sale, I need the money and the space, hehe.

  2. About a year ago I gave a ton of stuff to DI. I thought about doing a yard sale but decided against it because the little I would earn wasn't worth the stress to me. If you do a yard sale I will come shop at it!

  3. How did the carb deprivation thing work out, Heather?

    I am going back on a no-carb today. The last time I did it, I had absolutely no problem. Here's why:

    I bought about 6-8 different types of protein that I like. Several of them were extremely intensely flavored. I also made this Indian spinach dish with a packet of seasonings that I bought at an ethnic market. In other words, I had sensory overload.

    Every time I got hungry, even the slightest bit hungry, I went to the fridge where I got myself a piece of chicken, some spinach, some string or cottage cheese. I stuffed myself and the cravings, while they didn't go away, were a little easier to manage.

    After three days, the cravings went away.

    I've bought more chicken (a huge amount of chicken---it was on sale at Safeway) and spinach/spices along with a lot of different vegetables. I'm all set.

    If you like, I will show you where these spices are on sale, online. Then you can look for them in the stores. A heaping spoonful of this spinach goes down and my hunger goes away...

  4. Marti - I'd love to hear about your spices. I've done basically the same thing with feeding myself good/healthy food whenever I had cravings and they eventually went away. I need to get back to that. Quickly!