Monday, March 28, 2011

The First Step, part two

"If I keep putting off doing the work, then it will always remain a dream, instead of that thing I screwed up."

Wise words from Ted Moseby of "How I Met Your Mother". He's talking about starting his own architectural firm, but I think it applies perfectly to many things. I'm so afraid of putting in the work and failing, that I'm petrified to even start.

Last week I went to Disneyland with my husband for our 5th anniversary. We left the kids at home, thank goodness. It was our first vacation since we got married and the first time we were away from kids for more than 12 hours.

While it was great fun, it was also kind of eye-opening. Within a few hours I could feel the stress in my back and in my feet. By hour 8 I was begging my husband to find places to sit down. I squished myself into the Indiana Jones ride even though my hips didn't fit, but luckily my feet hurt more than my hips so I didn't notice my bruised hips for too long at all. And when we hurried across the park at 11:30 pm to try to make the Matterhorn one last time (it was closed because of rain), that 100 yards put my legs into the danger zone.

Three days later and I can finally walk without pain in my legs. Yeah, 100 yards. From the Buzz Lightyear shooting ride to the Matterhorn. Maybe even less than 100 yards. My back is still killing me, but I blame that partially on not being able to sleep in a bed. Any bed.

Yep, for the past year I've been sleeping in a recliner because in a bed I wake in so much pain that I'm nearly crying and immobile for hours. So hotel beds aren't really my friends.

Time to dig my exercise bike out of the office so it can be used. I'll report again on Wednesday...

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