Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The unfairness of genetics

I am approximately 150 pounds overweight.  My husband is approximately 60-65 pounds overweight.  In today's society that seems like a huge amount, and maybe it is.  I do often feel like I'm carrying around a whole extra person.

My husband had a regular checkup about his diabetes about a month ago and was told that he either needed to lose 50 pounds or go on insulin.  So he made an appointment with a dietitian (although why anyone would want to pay $150 per hour to someone that just confirms everything you already know is beyond me).  I went with him and it was as I expected.  I knew almost everything because of my time with Dan.  That's right, I'm a know-it-all.

Apparently my husband needs to be told by an expert, however, because he has since changed a lot of his behavior.  He's now biking almost every morning (on my bike, which means I can't go with him) and eating smaller portions more often.  And he's making a concerted effort to get veggies at every dinner at least.

So why don't I have diabetes?  No idea, although I'm incredibly thankful I don't.  My dad does, so it's in my genes too.  My husband happens to have the classic diabetic body type though and even though he's not nearly as big as I am, he was unhealthy for far too long.  So his genetics and bad habits gave him diabetes.  My genetics and bad habits gave me double in size.

Honestly, I'm sick of the fight.  I really wish that 30 years of bad habits didn't affect me like this, but it is my struggle.  My very obvious struggle.

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