Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 19?

I'm not really sure what week I'm on, but I keep feeling like I'm not going anywhere. This last Thursday when I checked in with Dan, I had lost those 2 travel pounds plus one additional. So I'm still at my lowest weight - 292 - but I'm not really feeling it anymore.

I told Dan that I want to lose 30 pounds by Christmas and he said it was possible. I just have to get my butt in gear.

Like every weekend lately, this one was an epic fail. We were out of the house and dependent on other people's eating schedules and I just ate horribly. Well, my version of horrible lately is just going too long between meals and then eating big portions. I haven't really been that bad. Little cheats.

Today I went on a walk because it's nice out and I think we'll be doing some good walking tonight for Family Home Evening. And I'm going to get out my weights now and do them because I haven't exercised since Thursday. That's the worst.

If you see me, ask me if I've done my weights. I need the push.


  1. Never rely on other people's eating schedules or food choices. Always plan ahead, tell them you really need to eat at a certain time and that you are following a special diet. Tell them they don't need to accommodate you, but that you will provide your own food and that you may eat at a different time than they do.

    I know it sounds hard, but you just have to do it. I do it all the time now. No one has ever been offended, and I have complete control over my diet, which is how it has to be. And when I have people over (not for meals but at other times) I tell them that they can feel free to bring snacks for themselves, but I will not be providing any. That way I'm not tempted and I'm also separating food from my enjoyment of my friends.

    The bottom line is, you can't allow others to derail your progress, even if they do it inadvertently.

    Keep it up--you're really doing great!

    Oh, I meant to ask before--how does Dan measure the percentage of fat you've lost? I've been trying to find a way to do that other than the whole submerged in water, $300 way.

  2. Thanks for the ideas on eating. I'll totally do it. And I think you're right that people won't get offended. I like the idea of separating food from friends too.

    Dan pinches my fat every week with calipers. However, I do have a little program Dan shared with me that calculated body fat percentage based on specific measurements. Want me to send it to you?

  3. I have a body fat scale, it does weight and body fat. It's depressing, but seems to be accurate. It's a Tanita.